Nine-Temple Exercises – Chi Kung

Instructions Here:

Reference # 7

1. The Prayer Wheel
2. Knee Rotation
3. Crossed Arm Rotation
4. Picking Fruit
5. Leg Swing
6. Leg Bounce
7. Retreat And Advance
8. Grinding Corn
9. Polishing The Mirror

Benefits of Temple Exercises

1. The Prayer Wheel-The whole body is toned. It invigorates the four systems, the vascular, the lymphatic, the nervous, and the chi systems.
2. Knee Rotation-prevents arthritis, it’s the site of six major acupuncture sites.
3. Crossed Arm Rotation-activates the kidneys and spleen.
4. Picking Fruit-activates the kidneys and spleen and the pancreas;
joints are lifted.
5. Leg Swing-helps to eliminate indigestion and constipation .it invigorates the reproductive system.
6. Leg Bounce-spine and brain
7. Retreat and Advance-liver kidneys, the spleen, pancreas. And colons are set in motion.
8. Grinding Corn- benefits not available
9. Polishing the Mirror-lower back of knees and inside of thighs. Also good for the kidneys and will prevent hemorrhoids

Instructions Here:

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