Chi Gung Form- The Eight Brocades

Energy Channels:

• Bai Hui- (by kway)- located in crown of head

• Lao Gong- located in fleshy part of band between thumb and index fingers

• Ming men-ming mum- and is located in the lower back, controls kidneys

• Dan Tien- don tyen- Located in three locations, lower; below belly, stores sexual energy, middle located about heart and relates to the health of your internal organs, and upper, between eyebrows and is associated with the brain

• Young Chuan-located in the front part of the instep near the ball of the foot allows you to feed other channels

1. Holding up the sky with both hands- aligns and harmonizes the metabolism, it teaches good balance and builds strong ankles
2. Opening The Bow to the Left and Right-stretches and strengthens lungs, it also strengthens the chest, shoulders, and arms.
3. Raising One Single hand- improves function of the spleen and stomach to enhance digestion and immunity. It stretches the torso and breathing muscles and the upper back.
4. Looking Behind You-this stimulates the blood circulation in your brain, improves vision, tones the central nervous system, and gets rid of fatigue, It also prevents neck and upper- shoulder tension by stretching and releasing stress in the area.
5. Bending over and Wagging Head and Tail-reduces stress, emotional anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. It also increases the flexibility in your back and spine.
6. Reaching down To Toes- empowers the kidneys and brings strong chi into your upper body. It stretches the back, waist, and hamstrings.
7. Punching With Angry Eyes-stimulates concentration, the flow of chi,
the liver, and the elimination of toxins. It also builds strength in the legs, arms, and upper back.
8. Jolting the back of The Body-works the adrenal glands and the kidneys to eliminate illness, and it massages the internal organs to release chi. it strengthens the ankles and calves and stretches the spine.

Instruction Here:

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